26 December 2013

The Invention of Computer Technology that Changed My Life

The innumerable situations of like keep on creating necessities, and necessities are the mothers of inventions. However, the invention that has influenced my life the most is computer technology. The computer technology is a world in itself. It makes your computer a typewriter, a printer, a scanner, a copier, a fax machine, a radio, a telephone, a diary, a bank account, a market for selling and purchasing all kinds of goods, a library, a TV, an audio video recorder and player,

a computer game, a designer, and much more. However, its real wonder is the Internet and the laptop, my best friend. I do not feel myself alone but a company when I have my internet-connected laptop with me.

I am associated with education and research and that is where it comes very handy. I have the access to almost every important book on any important topic through the Internet. Most of these books are free for readers and researchers but some are on fixed subscriptions that are also affordable. I remain in contact with my fellow researchers and scholars for discussing and improving my studies. I catch them live in the internet, talk to them and demonstrate my ideas via webcam. It is a kind of table talk but just with a difference that instead of sitting around a table, we are communicated through the mirror of our computer screens. This mirror is immensely magnificent and useful than that of a magical mirror or the magical bowl used by the legendary king of Persia, Jamsheid, in which he was believed to watch the world.

I cannot visit every shop to find a book of my concern but I can place my order through the Internet, and the company delivers me that book at my address. The daily edition of almost every local and international newspaper is available, in full length, including columns, features, magazines, ads, classified ads and archives. In addition to this, many magazines are available on the Internet and are termed as webzines. Many research journals and periodicals are also issued on the Internet that keep the readers up to date with the latest developments in almost every field of science, arts, commerce and technology. Important landmarks in these fields are also broadcast live and are termed as webcasts. I have made my Internet diary that is termed as weblog because it is a kind of website in which I write things that interest me and list other websites that interest me or I think may be interesting to someone. I abide by their copyright laws and also list them in a kind of bibliography that is termed as webliography.

I can search and purchase any commodity by paying through credit card on the Internet. I remain aware of the up-to-the-minute news and reconsider my routine in case of any emergency. The Internet provides cheaper voice and message communications as compared to mobile phone or landline. It is also my alarm clock, keeps me alert, and reminds me of my daily appointments and tasks. My life is so much dependent on the friend that never commits a mistake and works as I command it. However, it is its limitation as well that it cannot contrive or produce anything itself and always need an instruction. That is why I take much care of its deficiency and working. I keep it save from any software or hardware damage and keep its parts and accessories up to date so as to enhance its output as much as possible.

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