26 December 2013

Muslims are not Terrorists

It is a well-established fact that the so-called world “intelligentsia” has been unable to put forward any rational definition of the word “Terrorism”. Everywhere we come across different aspects of this bogey. Some westernized minds say, “All Muslims are not terrorists, but all the terrorists are Muslims”. However, we can remember that there have been terrorist acts by the Tamil Tigers, the Russian intelligence Agency “K.G.B”, the Indian Intelligence Agency, “RAW”, the US Intelligence Agency “C.I.A”, the Korean and the most atrocious “The Israel troops and forces”. The true and bitterly true side of this scenario is that the activities of a handful of Muslims are like those of Robin Hood, Zorro,
George Washington, some Irish, Scottish or other activists of the like whom the so-called civilized world “intelligentsia” has been honored as the helpers of the distressed or the freedom fighters while for the same acts the pitiable Muslims are branded as the most violent, ferocious and the dangerous of the terrorists. In the case Muslims, there is no line between a terrorist and a freedom fighter. The Muslims are still defenseless against these double standards.

Let us just analyze the very word “Muslim”. It is an Arabic word which means “The one blessed with peace”. In addition, it is noteworthy that the religion of the Muslims, i.e. Islam is also an Arabic word, meaning “Peace” So how can it be the policy of the Muslims or the Islam to kill or endanger the innocent human. This all has been the policy of the crooked politicians to add flavor to their anti-Muslim campaigns by labeling the Muslims as terrorists.

The historic record is open to us and it clearly explains the causes of violence on the part of the Muslims. There were no violent activities of the Muslims before the unjustified, brutal, tyrannical, irrational and inhuman subjugation of the Muslims and their natural resources by the oppressors in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Philippines, Algiers, Iraq, Sudan, Chechnya, Lebanon, etc. The terrorist acts by the Muslims are the direct unhealthy consequences as a desperate attempt to avert the foreign exploitation. These are on the reaction-end, and the ball game on the action-end is in the hands of non-Muslim intruders and despots. Every living creature whether it is a plant, an animal or a human being reacts against the forced deprivation of his rights. Therefore, the solution is ever easy; to shop the reaction by the Muslim culminated. Now let us talk about the seriousness and the role of the Muslims in bringing peace, harmony and tolerance. Whenever the Muslims are accessed for the peaceful settlements of their disputes, they naively trusted and arbitrators. The Muslims were almost never the violators of the peace treaties and reconciliation accords. It was their adversaries who resorted to underhand tactics went against the agreements in the arrogance of their power, and with inhuman contempt for the Muslims.

The conscience of the human race is neither blind nor dead; it is observing, through the eye may falter or is turned away. The history is an unstopped and encountered epitome of facts that are open to any inquirer. It is, and will keep on, unveiling the guilty. Times be hard for the Muslims but thanks to the rational advancement of science and technology and to the consequently evolved rational, logical and human mindset of the human race, the crooked oppressors and the aggressive opportunists will vet unveiled and be brought to books sooner or later. The rational journey of “The Age of Reason” and The Age of Good Sense”, that was started three centuries back is still in progress and as broadened, and will keep on enlightening, the human bison of equality, sympathy and the consideration of the world as s single unit of causes and effects; and will serve as a telltale sound of justified approach in matters of conflicts and confrontations. After all: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King; and “You can make fool some people all the time, and you can also make fool all the people some time. But you can never make fool all the people all the time”, Abraham Lincoln.

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