26 December 2013

Responsibilities of Citizens in the Face of Terrorism

We, off and on, encounter different situations of terrorism in the hustle and bustle of modern life. The more the world has advanced, the more the tactics of killing have been invented. Terrorist are so ruthless they they do not care for the extremely precious lives of the public and carry out terrorism in the most merciless and inhuman manner. Some terrorists carry out suicide attacks. They are mobile and fragile bombs. They can explode any time at their discretion. It is very difficult to prevent such suicide attacks. The only way is to be cautious

about our surroundings and keep our distance from suspicious people and things.

The first and foremost responsibility of the citizens is to cooperate with the policies of the law enforcement agencies and their officials. People should willingly present themselves and their belongings for the security search at the demand of the security officials. The responsibility of the citizens is not limited to just that, they should make sure that no unconcerned person is mixed among them. This is very important because many suicide attackers mix among the public and carry out targeted attacks. Mostly women are ignored in this respect and are not considered suspicious. There should be an arrangement of female security staff for searching women and their belongings. People should report immediately any suspicions person to security officials. The security staff should perform their duties in the most professional manner. It does not mean that they should deal any suspicious person high-handedly, but they should carry out their routine snatch in the most confident and kind manner. People should be patient and follow the orders of security staff, considering it a way of ensuring everyone's security and preventing any terrorist attack.

If, unfortunately, any terrorist attack is committed, people should not create a panic and follow the instructions of the security staff. They should not touch the remnants of explosives, the attackers, the dead, the injured or the debris. It should be understood that terrorism has no religion, country, region, race, or culture. Man is, by nature, kind and peaceful. He likes to love and be loved. He does not feel well in violent and intolerant doings. These are the do-or-die and desperate effects of such causes as deprivation, exploitation, subjugation, atrocities, oppression, tyranny, despotism, brainwashing, or extreme prejudice. These are, in most cases, at the reaction end; and will not take long to die if the above-mentioned causes are removed. However, it must be kept in mind that there exist certain impurities and corruptions of a few religious, political, racial and regional teachings of the world that spur and instigate violent and terrorist tactics to achieve their desired goals. This should be checked not only at local level but also at global level. We should keep an eye on the activities of such ghastly elements among our neighborhoods, societies and companies. We should discourage such activities and point out the flaws of such destructive and ruinous tendencies. We should, especially, notice the activities of the teenagers and the youth who, sometimes because of the psychological and biological complexes, are inclined to such dogmatic persuasions in the last resort of the catharsis of their pent-up, unreleased, unrelieved and unexpressed emotions and passions. We should positively and optimistically guide them, and point out and clear their misconceptions and misunderstandings. Therefore, it is a better way of getting rid of the germs of terrorism by wiping out the filth of dogmatic, racist, religious, regional and political prejudice, intolerance, violence and brainwashing.

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