26 December 2013

Urdu as a Medium of Instruction

Russians have Russian language as medium of instruction, Germans follow German language, Chinese use Chinese and even India has adopted Hindi as a medium of instruction but it is our national tragedy that Pakistan could not adopt Urdu as a medium of instruction specially in Universities and Colleges and also in the Engineering and Medical Colleges as medium of instruction.

So far, the scholars of Urdu have rendered tremendous service to enrich this language and to make it capable to deal with all the subjects of arts, science, engineering and technology.
The aristocratic ruling faction and the bureaucrats propagate the idea and virtually support it that Urdu is not so rich as to cover all the disciplines to make it feasible to teach them in Urdu. There is another group of people who feel that being national language the government should take all kinds of practical steps to make Urdu rich enough to become a medium of instruction. Some practical and valuable steps have been taken by Federal Urdu College (University) of Arts, Science and Technology Karachi in this direction and it has rendered laudable service to promote Urdu.

It is general feeling of majority of Pakistanis that Urdu must be made medium of instruction in all institutions and Universities, Engineering Universities and even Medical Colleges, Polytechnics and Technical Colleges. At the outset, let us have two media of instruction. Gradually we should switch over to Urdu and depend upon it wholly. In a few years time Urdu will become the only language as medium of instruction for all Colleges and Universities.
One most constructive and worthwhile step in this connection is to hold all the Federal Government competitive examinations (CSS) in English as in well as Urdu so that the monopoly of the supper strata including bureaucrats loses their grip on all the posts of higher cadres to be reserved for their kith and kin.

Another useful step will be to appoint the Translation Bureaus UN all the Universities of Pakistan and other Academies to translate the books of Science, Medical, and Engineering etc in Urdu. The authors of the books in these subjects should be encouraged by the government morally as well as financially. One thing will be advisable that the terminologies of these subjects should be allowed to remain in English, which will be beneficial for all the students who want to go abroad for higher education in medicine, Science and Engineering.

Pakistan Universities’ lectures, Professor, teachers and educationists should do their level best and come forward with suggestions about practical steps to promote Urdu as medium of instruction and the parents of students should support this idea.

If all the patriotic people join hand and start a nationwide campaign then in near future the dream to make Urdu as the main medium of instruction will surely materialize once forever.

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