26 December 2013

Disadvantages of Cell Phones

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. A man without a cell phone is considered, or sometimes considers himself, incomplete. As it is the case with not only any invention or contrivance but also with any object consideration to be capable of misuse or abuse, the cell phones are also subject to the human approach.

“There is nothing bad in anything in its original sense; it is the thinking that makes it so” Shakespeare
“The mind in its own place makes a heaven of a hell or a hell of a heaven” Milton.

A person can use eyes, hands, feet, tongue, ears, nose, intelligence, paper, book, knife, gun, stick, pen, computer, TV, electricity, fuel, water, fire, light etc for constructive or destructive, beneficial or adversarial and fruitful or harmful purposes. It all depends on his approach and mentality.
However, in case of cell phones, we are rather exposed; we can shut our eyes, hold our hands or feet close our doors or windows or turn off our devices and gadgets but to turn off our cell phones is the negation of its very purpose. We can just put it on vibrator so as not to disturb anyone in the proximity but even in that case we ourselves would remain the victim of any unwanted or untimely messages or calls. Many cautious customers are now very selective. Letting anybody know his or her cell phone nos. However, even that is not able to save them from the stupidity of any acquaintance; the stupid will yield to stupidity.

It is a pity that our nation has a somewhat higher rate of indulgence. Therefore, it is not strange for our people to forget and violate any moral and legal code of conduct whether it is the case of using cell phones while driving, during classroom or workplace tasks, and during meeting or conversation. However, the most annoying of all these disturbances is that of during sleep or washroom activities; one considers oneself helpless then. Sometimes careless housewives give the crying kids the cell phones and the mischievous elves get at large to trouble anyone the chance gets them in contact with, by pressing the buttons randomly. The cell phones are easy way of avoiding confrontation or accountability as these can serve a handy purpose for inventing excuses and supporting eyewashes.
Fraudulent, misleading and fake calls are also one of the headaches of a lawless society like that of ours. Beggars, cheaters, frauds, propagandists and other miscreants of the like are free to carry out their evil designs. It is easy and workable to check and bring such rogues to justice but the concerned government authorities are not only inactive but mostly give such wicked enterprises a cover as if they themselves are a party in it. In the absence of a proper legal check, people take matters in their hands and sometimes misdemeanors lead to violent clashes involving families and relation as well. All this is the irony of any anarchy like the nation of ours.

The cell phone companies, many of which are multinational and, though in advanced countries, they follow their official policy of securing their customers personal, social and financial statistics in confidence, are here blatantly neglecting their legal responsibility and are like an open book for any access by forgers and frauds. This clearly indicates that there are certain black sheep among their staff or they themselves are a party in all this black trade. So in such apathy, all the care is vested with the customer to safeguard his interests himself by not allowing any irresponsible person the access of his cell phone no.

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