26 December 2013

Problems of Mega City

Life of any city is full of hustle and bustle, hue and cry, hurry and worries. Same is the case with Karachi City. Karachi is the seventh largest city in world. People living in this highly city of Pakistan enjoy better amenities of life, which is full of glamour, attractions and charms of entertainment, yet on the other hand a city, which deals with great problems and pressures. That is why this city is also named as "A city of Mega Problems". The most annoying and troublesome

problem is the transport problem.

People living in Karachi often have long distances to travel to work every day hence we need a good infrastructure and a faster and reliable mode of transport. With the rising petroleum prices, it is not feasible any more to travel on one’s own transport and to travel in a public transport has so many other varieties of problems. This situation leaves one perplexed as to how to solve the evergreen transportation problem.

The most pain-giving problem is the matter of corruption and bribery. Murders, shooting, stealing, robberies, snatching mobile phone, motorcycle and cars including ladies purses are the daily events of the Karachi City. Courtesy, decency, goodness and justice are rarely observed among common people life.

Living expenses are very high in Karachi. As the cost of petrol is increasing, cost of living is also increasing accordingly. It is true that people earn more in cities but another truth is that they spend more as well. Accommodation is very expensive in Karachi and not everyone can afford a house here. Then there are the utility bills to be paid by making long queues outside the bank. People living in Karachi have to maintain a certain standard of living as well and the whole system of the city is based on finance. Dishonesty is growing and adulteration in commodities becoming a common practice people do not get pure things to eat.

People become isolated living in cities. They become self-centered and seem to care less about others. Time and money becomes their only priority and family life and social values take a back seat for them. The worst problem is urbanization. Pollution is another life-taking problem. Smoke emitting buses and minis, overflowing gutters, in sanitation, poisonous gases and waste deposits have created great danger to the life of the people.

The most pain-giving problem is the matter of corruption and bribery. The Karachi Police is not bearing a good fame. They generally found to be involved in creating harassments among innocent people and they are always found making foul money. The students face great problems in admission. Education is sub-standard and very expensive. Hence, there are many problems that one has to face if one lives in Karachi.

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