26 December 2013

A Visit to Seaside in Karachi

After continuous studies do several weeks without any break, the students of our Degree College had grown tired of monotony of the dull routine. We earnestly wished to have some change. Therefore, we decided to go for a picnic to Clifton Sea Beach (in Karachi). We pooled hundred rupees each for expenses. We were a group of 30 students. We decided that every student would bring his lunch box and tea in thermos. We therefore had our favorite dishes prepared at home and
purchased sweets etc from the market.

On a bright Sunday morning, we made a prior arrangement with a Lucky Coach to collect us from Drag Road Station (in Karachi) where we had made a program to be present at 8 O'clock sharp. The coach arrived at the proper time. We kept all our belongings consisting of lunch boxes, thermos flasks, lot of fruits and confectionary items. We also had water coolers full of cold water. At 8:30am, the coach started and all the way, we jubilantly sang "Soni Dharti ALLAH Rakhay Kadam Kadam Aabad". We reached Clifton in forty minutes and getting down we installed a large tent in grass lawn near the Finland. We hired the tent for a day from a decoration house before we boarded in the coach.

Keeping our entire luggage in the tent installed and leaving five students in the tent a group of 25 students first paid a visit to the nearby shrine of Hazard Abdullah Shah Ghazi. Cold breeze from Sea Side was gently blowing and the weather was fine. We offered Fathead at the Maser and stalled in the area around the shrine. Then we returned to our tent, relished our breakfast, and took a part of hot tea out of our thermoses. Then walked down to the seashore about four furlongs away. We saw many people and visitors thronged at the seaside. We loitered on the seaside and collected corals of different shapes. We then plunged one or two steps in the seawater, which was striking the sand. Many children and visitors were bathing in seawater. We just at them and none of us tried to take a bath. We came out of water. Some of us enjoyed camel and horse riding. Then we returned to our tent where some boys sane pop songs and national lyrics.

At about 12:30pm we went to the play land and enjoyed a lot there riding on wooden horses and sitting in happy go-rounds. We then went to aquarium and saw many kinds of fishes. Some of them were very colorful and pretty.

At 2 O’clock, we reassembled in our tent and enjoyed our lunch. It was really a royal lunch consisting of large number of varieties of dishes. Britani, mince kavas, sandwiches, samaras, cheers and what not. Then we took the remaining tea from our thermoses.

Then we relaxed and took a nap. Some students recited jokes and told stories. At about 4 O'clock we collected all our belongings and rolled the tent. According to the earlier arrangement, the Lucky Coach, which had brought us to Clifton, arrived at 4:30pm. All of us boarded in the coach and returned at 5:15pm at Drag Road Station from where all of us dispersed and happily returned homes. It was a very pleasant trip to seaside indeed.

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