26 December 2013

Agriculture in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agrarian Country. 80% of ours population lives in villages and its prime profession is agriculture. About an area of 796,196 square kilometers of Pakistan consisting of 45,000 villages is engaged in the profession of agriculture, which feeds 140 million population of Pakistan, the entire outdated agriculture methods of our country need modernization. Extensive cultivation has to be mode and our agriculture has to be mechanized so that our agricultural 
produce should be sufficient to feed our population and the farmers get their share out of additional income.

At present agriculture forms 57% of the total employment and 20% of GNP and hence it deserves priority in the economic development plans of the country. Government of Pakistan is therefore paying due attention to the planning programs such as Village Aid Programs, Rural Works Programs, People Works Programs etc. However proper arrangements to provide facilities for health, education, electricity, sanitation, water supply and communication have not been made so far.

Many land reforms were enforced but they were not promulgated properly due to illegal cooperation of Qataris and Mukhtiarkars with the big Seminars. The Wadera’s holds still thousands of acres of agricultural land, Malik’s and Chowdhariesl and Khan Lalas and Sardars and the Horus/Farmers are mostly landless. If Pakistan has to be made self sufficient in food grains and the farmers are really intended to be relieved from poverty and hunger then the Zamindari system will have to be abolished by an iron hand; earlier the better.

All agricultural loans and other aids provided by Agricultural Department and Agricultural development bank are swallowed by the Seminars and poverty remains as the fate of our farmers. To help our farmers large number of cottage industries should also be established in our villages, further all the Agro-based industries should also be established in rural areas, this will save us from the large scale migration of rural population during the period of concealed unemployment which creates several civic problems in our cities such as accommodation problems, power problem, traffic problem and even law and order problem.

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