26 December 2013

Student Life

The family is not only the first training organization of a child but it is a place where it gets its biological needs its spiritual, emotional and social growth from the family. In building the mentality and character also, the family influences the child more than any other agency. It has long lasting effect. Thus family is the best and the first school of a child.In fact, in eastern culture the child learns manners and respect of elders as a hereditary character from its parents. Family
provides the wealth of social values and mental abilities. The attributes of good manners and respects to elders are acquired by the children in the countries of third world including Pakistan as hereditary characters. In olden days, Muslim students were taught in Maktabs and Khanqahs (inns) of religious scholars in which great emphasis was laid upon moral teachings.

The torch of moral education had been transferred in later period to the teachers and parents who were responsible to up bring the children paying due attention to the teaching of respect of elders and their obedience (teachers and parents, and other elderly members of the society).When Pakistan was established in 1947, the parents started to neglect their responsibility to train their school going boys and girls properly and they stopped moral and social upbringing of their wards. Still the children of lower middle class and lower class of the society are trained by parents to be obedient and submissive, well mannered and respectful to their elders, teachers and other aged members of the family and society. If they commit mistakes, parents as well as teachers punish them. Therefore, when such students/children would fully grow up they would certainly become the responsible members of the society.

As far as the children and youths of upper class and upper middle class (who have become rich by hook or crook) are concerned they always create social problems in the society. They behave in a most irresponsible manner. They pay more attention of fashion, sexy and crime movies of western world. They forget that "Manners make the man". The teachers fail miserably to set right the characters and manners of such way laid youths. The selfish politicians of the country use these students like tools of propaganda. They infect the educational institutions and make the students to run wild, run truants and to indulge into violence, killing, arson, plundering the politically opponent students and they create law and order situation in the country. They even become professional terrorists and gangsters.

The selfish political leaders and smugglers of firearms and drug morphia agents of criminal world exploit the youths for their own purposes. They use the students as their tools. They have armed the students and taught them to use drugs also. Thus, they have introduced Kalashnikov, Heroin culture. Now a large number of students have made armed associations, they are accustomed to disturb peace commit murders, and gangsters, lift cars, collect forced contributions (Bhatta) from shopkeepers and other peace loving citizens. The firearm smugglers and drug morphia agents have virtually a parallel economy in the country especially in Sindh (province in Pakistan) and the students affiliated with the political pressure groups openly display the firearms and sell the drugs in educational institutions and in public. 

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