26 December 2013

Future of Science in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country; and so its scientific prospects are definitely not like those of the advanced countries. However, it is a pity that it is a lagging much far behind the countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand an even some developing countries of the Latin America. The reason is the same as for the backwardness in other departments of lie, i.e. irresponsibility on the part of government. It is a universally acknowledged and observed fact that talent and genius are not
confined to any specific region or race. The same is true in the case of Pakistanis who are equally competent and talented than any other nationals of any country all over the world. We can see some ingenious enterprises of windmills, water pumps, or mechanical contraptions that show just a sprinkling of our talent, but the fact is that the potential is far more abundant that is expected. The prime responsibility, in any case bests with the government who has to revise and implement its science policy.

The initiation of the science revolution normally takes place from schools and educational institutions however, in case of Pakistan, the government should no start its science revolution from schools because in that case, we will have to wait for ten years for a fruitful output and by that time science in the rest of the world would have out done us. The government should start from workplaces; it should give modern technological equipments to farmers, artisans, mechanics, skilled laborers, small, medium and large0sized enterprises, as a loan if not as a grant, and should keep an eye on their working and efficiency so that better outputs may be rightful rewarded so as to maximize the evolution of the best and the most efficient scientific methods, in addition to all this, the government should review the working and scientific conditions of the private or government enterprises so as to keep them clear of any corruption or negligence and enable them to keep abreast with up-to-date technological advancements. It should also make them organize the best-worker award to increase the enthusiasm of the workers.

The government should organize science exhibitions throughout the length and breadth of the country. People should be introduced with the practical demonstrations and applications of the scientific methods. It should establish a fund to reward any individual excellence in science and technology. It should promote healthy habits towards individual and environmental safety and purity so that the whole nation may proceed with a scientific aim and purpose.

The science revolution does not mean, as some people may wrongly consider it, a blind race and struggle for science discoveries. We should keep in mind the ground realities, the limitations and the requirements of our nation; we should act according to the maxim of “Hospitals before hotels, services before space travel and jobs before joys”.

Pakistan is one of those few countries that are so much blessed by GOD(ALLAH) that they have five different season that alternate each other regularly. It has the inland water that is fresh, sweet and is available almost all over the country all the year round in so much an amount that it can serve a useful purpose for transportation. Our soils are fertile and our farmers are so hard working that they even can grow crops our of rocks. Our worthy country also has its fuel reserves including atomic fuels. It is not in any way handicapped. It just needs a molding hand to shape it into a blissful paradise. We have enough grounds to experiment, within our regions, what is beneficial and fruitful for us instead of following or imitating the foreign recommendations or trends. 

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