26 December 2013

Most of the Pakistani TV Channels are New

Most of the Pakistani TV channels are new, showbiz, food or fashion channels. There is no specific channel that broadcasts purely scientific programs. Therefore, the few programs related to science are those of food and health topics. It is not the case that Pakistani viewers are not interested in science programs. Actually, they resort to other science channels to keep them aware of the recent advancement in science; and the programs on such channels as BBC,
the National Geographic Special or the Discovery are so interesting and up to days that people find them well worth seeing.

There are, of course, some attempts by PTV to present agricultural and domestic industry programs or some programs about certain educational courses but the agricultural and domestic industry programs are so much outdated that they describe the research of the early twentieth century while the educational programs are so boring that they serve a purpose of driving students or learners away from studies instead of creating interest and a longing for study in them.

However, there have been a few documentaries by Ubaidullah Baig about the arid zones, deserts, valleys and coastal regions of Pakistan. There have also been some documentaries about snakes presented by PTV but those too like the ones mentioned above are unable to rouse the interest of the viewers to such a level that they urge them to watch them. It is a universally acknowledge and observed fact that talent and genius is not confined to any specific region or race. The same is true in the case of Pakistanis who are equally competent and talented than any other nationals of any country all over the world. We can see some ingenious enterprises of windmills, water pumps, or mechanical contraptions that show just a sprinkling of our talent, but the fact is that the potential is far more abundant that is expected. The government should organize science exhibitions throughout the length and breadth of the country. People should be introduced with the practical demonstrations and applications of the scientific methods. It should establish a fund to reward any individual excellence in science and technology. It should promote healthy habits towards individual and environmental safety and purity so that the whole nation may proceed with a scientific aim and purpose. We need a total change in the mindset of our nation as a whole and promote scientific excellence at the grass-roots level.

There, definitely, a few industrial and medical set-ups in Pakistan that is up to date and cater to the welfare of the public at large. The concerned organizations would gladly consent to such documentaries, as this would serve as a means of their publicity. This will also arouse a sense of nationalism and patriotism I the viewers who will find themselves emotionally and passionately involved in their local enterprises.

There is a misunderstanding among public about considering the programs regarding computer technology as mainly scientific. Numerous other fields of scientific research are aimed at the advancement of science and the production of target-oriented scientific trends and aptitudes. Competitions of science documentaries or features can be organized, as they would shift so much of the unwanted journalistic productions towards educating the nation. The initiative should be taken from the concerned departments of professional education and the industrial circles. The science experts should be sought for the supervision and planning of such logical programs. The experts should point out and demonstrate the underlying scientific principles, rules, formulae, theories and axioms so that the viewers may develop an insight into the scientific happenings and then can better predict and practice the solutions of their daily life problems that may fall into any field of science. This would serve as a purpose of educating our nation along the scientific lines.

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