26 December 2013

Advertising Agencies in Trade and Industry

In modern age, advertisement has become the backbone of trade and commerce. Beyond doubt, it gives much profit to businessmen. That is why most modern advertisement agencies have been established. Advertising is considered as the source of growth of business. Most modern machinery and commodities of new pattern are flooding in the markets. All this is made known by means of

TV, Radio and newspaper advertisement to the common person.

A close watching of TV's daily programs brings many new things to our knowledge. We know about new products of daily use, new films, and new housing schemes and established of new shopping centers etc. Advertisement relating to above items attracts us and ultimately the needy people rush towards them. Experiments and consumption of the advertised goods however reveal that not all that glitters is gold. Even most common and ordinary things become attractive through advertisement. We are naturally fond of pomp and show. Businessmen take advantage of it. Ultimately, the consumers suffer the losses. Business circles take it as a success of advertising technique. In view of all these facts, wise people think twice before adhering to some advertisement. No sooner a common person is more educated, advertising agencies will be required to be more careful and honest in their jobs.

Whatever is more serious in this respect is the advertisement of patent medicines in which all concerned play with the lives of the people. Such cheap drugs etc are proved injurious to health instead of recovery from illness. These drugs may have great side effects and create more complications Manufactures and advertising agencies get a good material gain but in face they stand as the "enemies and killers" of human beings.

In fact, the government should make strict laws to apprehend the wrong advertisers and their accomplice advertisement agencies at least in respect of sale of bogus and substandard drugs.

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