26 December 2013


The word Verb is derived from Latin Word VERBUM, which means a Word. It is an important word of a sentence. A verb tells us:

(1) What a person or thing does
E.g.: (a) She sits (b) He runs etc

Transitive and Intransitive:
(2) What is done to a person or thing is called a Transitive (Passing over) Verb.
E.g.: (a) He eats (food) (b) You write (letters)

The action of the Verbs “drinks”, “eats” and write pass over from the “doers” or subjects to the objects milk, food, letters.

(3) What a person on a thing does in (1) above but the doers or subjects “She” and He i.e. “sits” and “runs” actions which do not need any objects so they are called Intransitive (Not passing over) Verbs.

(4) A verb also tells us what a person or thing is,
E.g., (a) I am a boy (b) We are students (c) Rhino is a wild beast

The verbs “am”, “are” and “is”, tell us about something or some person. They are intransitive verbs, which express a State or Being. We can call them “Being Verb

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