26 December 2013

The Fate of Atomic Energy

It had been sufficient for eye opening of the world to see what had happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities of Japan. What a great destruction was made of human life and property is a historical event to be remembered by all the peace loving nations of the world. During the post war period after 1945 to 1990 the American block and Iron curtain Russian block both remained busy in inventing and dumping the atomic weapons. Meanwhile Chine, France and Great Britain have become atomic powers, and now in the last years of 20th century. India,

Pakistan and Israel have become the atomic powers and probably North Korea has become an atomic power. Now in order to establish their supremacy over the entire world America and Britain together are manufacturing more atomic weapons, Probably Russia and China may be making more atomic weapons meanwhile. Pakistan and India are also making intercontinental atomic missiles. It is not known what will happen, if a third world flares up and atomic weapons are largely and openly used. Will it not be the Dooms day! Therefore, the world has now come to a stage of "Self Destruction" having no hope of recovery thereafter. It is time that all the heads of the states having atomic weapons should hold an international conference and decide to destroy all the atomic weapons in the interest of survival of making, earlier the better.

At this stage, the foolish attempts of America and Britain to establish "New World order" using atomic weapons will be suicidal for America and Britain as well. How America and Britain can will be able to capture China, Russia, India, Pakistan, North Korea and other countries, which will definitely emerge in near future as atomic powers.

It is time for all the possessors of atomic weapons to use common sense and to divert all their talents and available atomic reactors to produce energy to illuminate all the globe with electric lights, industrialize all the world countries and produce more food and more industrial productions to ensure well being and prosperity of all the people of the world irrespective of caste creed and color.

It is time when all the human beings should forget and forgive the mistakes of the past and discard the legacy of fighting among ourselves. Let us dispel all the forces of war and bitterness forever. Therein lays the secret of our survival, so long as the great powers will continue to prepare for war behind the silken thread of peace preaching the lasting peace will evade us.

Let us rise, discard all such ideas once forever, and preach what we practice. Churchill once said that we should practice what we preach and preach what we practice. There should be consonance in the two ideas. This will be and should be the fate of atomic energy now to ensure the peace across the world.

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